this one under “I saw that coming”… CanMag is reporting that John Woo’s Hollywood expedition has come to an end for the time being. Woo never seemed to manage to recreate the magic he had in Hong Kong, and after a series of diminishing films, he has turned his attention back to the Orient, with The Battle of Red Cliff and The Red Circle being his next two planned films. That leaves Spy Hunter and the He-Man film dead in the water.

He-Man seemed a long shot at best, and only interesting in terms of “How far will John Woo’s career sink?” but Spy Hunter looked more promising, even for a video game best known for its theme song. According to CanMag’s scooper, though, the film is done, probably for good.

Maybe a return home will help Woo get the creative juices back. At any rate it can’t make for anything worse than he’s done in the United States – and that’s just the stuff we’ve seen. IMDB has him listed as the director of a failed Lost in Space reboot pilot. Yikes, back when my friends and I were watching a faded bootleg of The Killer we never imagined that the genius behind that would be directing some “Danger Will Robinson” bullshit.