Film is reporting that Will Smith’s I Am Legend has found its bad guy – none other than Johnny Depp. The site claims that Depp will be playing one of the film’s vampires, and quite probably Will Smith’s neighbor, who becomes the head vampire.

I Am Legend is, of course, based on the Richard Matheson novel, where one lone man survives a biological plague that turns the rest of humanity into undead bloodsuckers. He has to try to survive while testing his own blood to see if he carries the cure to the disease. The book has been adapted before into Charlton Heston’s The Omega Man, one of the all-time great white power sci-fi movies.

Would anyone mind getting vamped by Depp? I have a female friend who says that Johnny Depp couldn’t rape someone – it would always be consensual. Having met the guy I can confirm this. As for the casting – that’s not confirmed quite yet, but we should be hearing more soon.

And a special message to the guy who met Black Film’s Wilson Morales in a video store on 46th Street and asked about me: Yes, Wilson does know me, and any punches you have for me can be delivered to him!