ascacThe teaser trailer for Michael Bay’s Transformers movie is up at the official site right now, a couple of days ahead of the expected July 4th launch (what the heck are we going to get at Comic Con at this rate?).

I had been actually getting a little interested in this movie over the last few weeks – I don’t have the nostalgia for toys and cartoons of my youth that so many of my peers do, so it was taking me some time to warm up to the concept. That said, this teaser does nothing for me either way – most of it seems to be the Southwestern desert badly standing in for Mars. There’s a quick outline of a Transformer (Megatron?) and then some transformerizing titles. I was hoping for something more, and for something that had less of an X-Files meets War of the Worlds vibe.

I expect there will be more stuff coming down the pike – it seems like this teaser went live early in response to Aint It Cool’s (now gone) picture of a Transformer. That’s the kind of stuff I want to see, and maybe I will have a chance in San Diego.

Click here to go to the official movie website.