Considering Family Guy has continued on Fox for 10 seasons (including seasons before Fox’s typical hazing ritual in which they cancel an enormously popular show and shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly),  accumulated 167 episodes, numerous specials, and a dozen Emmy award nominations… I know some chewers out there are fans. This contest is for them.

The show’s “Something, Something, Something Anniversary,” (10th) celebration is a big deal was started off by an in-theater premiere of the season’s first episode last month and will continue with the release of the 9th Season DVD in December, which includes a clip compilation called “History of the World According to Family Guy.”

To join in that celebration we’ll be giving away a pair of Family Guy action figures that include a dioarama of the Griffin House that allows each character to speak. What makes these particular figures special is that these CHUD prizes are actually signed by the appropriate cast-members! You’ll find a signature from Alex Borstein…

…and one from Mike Henry…

To win these prizes all you have to do is send me an email with proof (a permalink or a screencap) proving that you’ve tweeted or FB shared this contest, as well as one other non-contest article on the site. That’s it!

Send your emails to this address, AND MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME & MAILING ADDRESS.

Also, don’t screw with the subject line. If it doesn’t come is as “FamilyGuy_Contest” I’m not even opening it.

Good Luck!