casOn July 18 Ren & Stimpy fans are getting a real treat: the release of Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Episodes on DVD. Spike TV commissioned a new Ren & Stimpy series from creator John Kricfalusi but the episodes –which included a two parter were Ren knocks up Stimpy – were considered way too raunchy to air. These “Adult Party” episodes have been sitting on a shelf too long, but soon they can be sitting on your shelf.

To celebrate this momentous event, we’re running what I think is a pretty incredible contest. We’re offering you not just the chance to win a copy of the DVD, but to get on the phone with John K himself. That’s right – you’ll have a chance to pick the brain of the man who created Ren & Stimpy.

Here’s what you have to do: Draw us a Ren & Stimpy picture. Go nuts, be wild, have fun with it. We’ll pick a handful of pictures and forward them on to John K, who will choose the final winner himself. It’s an incredible opportunity not just for fans of Ren & Stimpy but for all you budding artists in the audience.

Do up your picture – any medium – and digitize it into a .jpg file. Email that to me at with RENSTIMPY as the subject line. This contest is going to run up until the July 18th release of the DVDs, so get drawing!