WARNING! Many potential spoilers are below! Do not continue if you want your Spider-Man 3 experience to be as cold as ice, man!

You saw that up there about the SPOILERS, right? Just making sure.

By now you’ve probably checked out the snazzy trailer for Spider-Man 3 (RIGHT HERE), but it only gave a few glimpses of the film. If you feel compelled to know more about what you, Peter Parker and his friends and family are in for next summer, film ick has lots of details on what to expect (I’ve checked with my own Spidey source, and it seems their report is mostly accurate).

For starters, the film will be similar to the third X-Men flick only in that it features numerous villains and a body count of major characters. The origin of the Venom symbiote and its body-altering properties are also discussed, as is the identity of the "fourth villain" that Marvel madman Avi Arad slyly alluded to previously.

So if you’re itching for a big ol’ arachnid bite of what’s in store, CLICK.