So earlier today I went to McDonald’s to grab a bite to eat (this whole weekend I didn’t eat out for the first time in a really long time. Trying to save some cash.) I gave 1 of the 20 dollar bills I had, since I wanted to have some change, and the girl hands me back 2 5 dollar bills and 2 1 dollar bills.

Immediately I noticed something was strange about the 5s. THEY FRIGGIN’ SMELLED LIKE CIGARETTES. There I am smelling them for a good minute or so after the cashier gave them to me, and contemplating whether I should knock on the window and ask for different 5s, but it was too late. Already had a car behind me, and I had to mosey along. With the smelly money. Now they’re stinking up my wallet. Seems like Vanessa wants to take them off my hands, so there’s an out. Person who had them must be smoking 6 packs a day or something. These things reek!

Rene’s song of the day: “Chorale Prelude In F Minor” by J.S. Bach.

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