UPDATE: THR has since changed their story to state that it was only announced at Cine Expo, so this may not be rushed for 2007 after all. Either way, it looks like Wolverine is still slowly entering a solo berserker rage.

Did Fox learn a valuable lesson after dragging their feet for so long getting X-Men 3 together after X2 proved to be a hit? Probably not — it’s likely just  the super-powered box office of the franchise that has motivated them to get another mutant movie into theaters for 2007. Because a rushed production schedule yielded such magnificent results the last time. Does Bryan Singer have another project they need to beat to theaters or something?

At the Cine Expo currently going on in Amsterdam (how does anyone get any work accomplished in a city of legalized narcotics and prostitution?), Fox promised the gathering of exhibitors that Wolverine would be ready to slice up stoned fans and other moviegoers some time next year, with a prerecorded message from Jackman himself (also a producer on the movie) confirming the news.

We still don’t know much about this adamantium-laced X-spinoff (which still has no director officially attached), aside from the fact that David Benioff (Troy) has been working on the script and that it’ll be a prequel story, or at least contain a significant amount of flashbacks (which reportedly include Sabretooth). My recommendation would be to avoid incorporating anything from that supershitty Origin series Marvel published a couple of years back. Logan’s really a sissy rich boy named James Howlett? Spurious!