Get it? Because the movie is called Trouble With The Curve, and Eastwood’s character is going blind? Also, he might play her Dad, so that would be creepy anyway.

The headlines says it all: Sandra Bullock is reportedly in talks to take that open lead role in Clint Eastwood’s first film as a star and not a director for 20 years. We covered the film when it was recently announced, and registered our suprise then that the director would abstain from directing and hand the job over to producing partner Robert Lorenz. If Bullock joins the cast she’ll be a co-lead with Eastwood, playing his daughter joining him on a roadtrip to scout out a new young baseball player.

Bullock is still riding off her Blind Side acclaim, which she translated into a role in the high-profile 9/11 family weepy Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, as well as a somewhat surprising lead in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. Frankly, this role and this film sound like they fit perfectly in her shiny new wheelhouse as dramatically sassy mainstream darling. It’s not difficult at all to hear her managing an ever-grumbly old Clint Eastwood with wry wit and infinite patience.

Expect this to be confirmed soon.

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