This is a quick hit coming from some tweets that caught Nick’s eye…

Apparently Gaspar Noe (Irreversible, Enter the Void)has or had designs on doing a remake but, as you might expect, not of a conventional film. Instead he had his eye on Larry Cohen’s God Told Me To, the mid-70s cult film from the director that featured everything from alien abduction to a crazy Andy Kaufman performance in a sort of police procedural about people assaulting others due to supposed divine influence.

It was actually the Trailers From Hell twitter stream that put the spotlight on this info, which apparently comes from the latest issue of Film Comment magazine. In it Cohen apparently let loose about Noe’s proposition, which came out of nowhere as he’d never heard of the director. I haven’t exactly determined if the conclusion was that Cohen told him to fuck off even after getting DVDs of his film, or if they ended up making a deal. So any chewer’s out there have their hands on this issue? I’ll be updating when I found more.

Regardless, it’s bizarre enough considering Gaspar Noe remaking someone else’s film and absolutely impossible to wrap one’s mind around that remake specifically. If you need to know why, simply take a look at Trailer’s From Hell’s version of the trailer, with Cohen’s commentary right here.

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