Consider my cherry popped!  That’s right, I have never actually written a blog before.  Hell, until recently I had no desire to do so.  I have a lot of free time on my hands during the week (hence my constant forum presence), so I have decided to start contributing to this wretched hive of scum & villainy.  I am not the greatest writer in the world, but since the only surefire way of improving is practice…………….well, I’m just going to experiment on my fellow Chewers!  I promise to cut back on the rambling in future entries.  For now, you will just have to deal with it.

So what does the future of this blog hold?  Mainly just my thoughts and musings.  Cinema will account for 95% of what I cover here, but other interests will creep in from time to time.  Some pieces will obviously be more thought out than others.  My first child was born earlier this year (he’s 8 1/2 months old right now), which means that I can’t make it out to the theaters as much as I used to.  The trade is MORE than worth it though.  Anyway, due to the way my wife & I have things worked out, I only work weekends.  This means I almost always have four straight days off with my son.  It also means that I have a lot of free time to watch movies (and other activities) when my boy is sleeping or isn’t interested in playing with me.  Enough about my personal life though.  Let’s get back to the topic at hand…

The chief goal is to update my work-in-progress space on this site at least once a week.  Chances are, I’ll post a couple of them each week.  New films (be they current releases or just something I have never seen) will obviously be a main topic, as well as whatever current crazy kick or marathon I am on at the moment.  I’ll also be highlighting favorite films, actors, directors, and so on.  My next entry will probably be a ranked list of all the 2011 releases that I have seen to date.

Well, it is high time to wrap things up.  PLEASE feel free to comment below and in the forums.  Any feedback is more than welcome.  I don’t care if you offer up advice or praise or if you feel like ripping me a new one.  Tell me what I am doing right AND what I’m doing wrong.  I want to have fun doing this and I definitely want all of you to have fun reading & responding to what I write.