If you’re interested in the goings on of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and its cool little promotional efforts, then check out what they did today:

First up, Mouth Taped Shut posted one of their now routine behind-the-scenes pictures, this time of Trent Reznor laying hands on equipment in a post-sound suite. It would be a fairly normal production photo, where it not for an odd window maximized on one of his monitors…

…also notice that in the picture, the focus is not set to Reznor’s face or a cool machine, but such that the URL in the browser window is perfectly sharp.

The URL turns out to be… comesforthinthethaw.com, which take you to a page with the following message:

Clicking on that pops up a new window coated in “frost” backed by a low, droning tone that is intermittently layered with backwards chorusing, vaguely voyeuristic sound effects, and strings of dialogue. Meanwhile images appear faintly behind the frost and cycle slowly.

It takes some patience to see or hear much, but you get a few new glimpses of photos and the overall eerie tone is quite effective. I’m sure the site will evolve into somethin different over time, or will be the start of many such micro-viral sites promoting the “feel bad movie of Christmas.” As cool as it is though, they certainly haven’t topped the awesome screenprinting video they recently put out.

This is all the more reason to take a peek at the MTS tumblr each day, or to toss it in your RSS feed if you’re into that sort of thing. We’re a mere two and a half months from the release of the film, so expect the promotion to start picking up steady steam.

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