casThe internet is hungry for news, and websites will jump on any little thing that sounds like it can be spun out into a story. If Johnny Depp says he would be happy to do three more Pirates films, suddenly there’s a second trilogy. If Jude Law says he would love to see another Sky Captain movie, suddenly it’s “in development.” Robin Williams mentions that he would sign up to play the Joker in Batman Begins 2 in a split second and… you get the point. We all do it, but it’s one of the lamer things we do. It reminds me of the “Oh Don Piano” cat – a clip that played on America’s Funniest Videos and has since become a major meme. In the clip a cat growls odd sounds that could be words if you really, really want them to be, but of course they’re nonsense words, like “Oh Don Piano.”

The latest person to say “Oh Don Piano” is Alex Proyas. JoBlo picked up his comments from a messageboard thread on his official site, where he’s asked about a sequel to Dark City: “DC was hardly a smash hit at the box office so it is unlikely, if a sequel was made, they’d give me a huge budget to work with. So don’t worry too much about that! I am more and more interested in the idea of a sequel, and who knows, after the special edition comes out, with everyone’s support behind it, a sequel… maybe who knows… but I’ve already said too much.”

The context here is that a special edition of Dark City is hitting DVD, and Proyas is asking you to double dip it as a means of showing support for a sequel. Maybe that’ll work, but I can’t even imagine why anyone would want a sequel to that film, even if they liked it. And I can’t even figure out why people liked it, so I’m already behind the curve.

Who knows, maybe this will actually go someplace. It wouldn’t be the first time a DVD convinces a movie studio to make a motion picture. Now it could be a first if it makes money…