Diesel has crippled the film Black Water Transit by suddenly pulling out only weeks before shooting starts. Diesel was set to head to Chicago to shoot the $30 million cop action film, but has instead opted to not head to Chicago to shoot the $30 million cop action film.

No one seems to know why, but I have a theory – much like Punxsutawney Phil, Diesel can be easily frightened into hiding, and after he caught sight of his own massive noggin in Fast and the Furious 3, he returned to his home to cower and bid on Ebay for this bit of his own memorabilia. I don’t know if F&F3 is really to blame, but I do advocate Black Water Transit director Samuel Bayer kicking the shit out of Justin Lin to be on the safe side.

By pulling out Diesel has splattered a big mess all over the faces of some real actors, including Kevin Bacon, James Franco and Sophie Okonedo. They shouldn’t expect to have August off, though – the production intends to recast the lead and start shooting anyway.