casThis news is so good that I fear the universe will balance itself out with a major natural disaster. I just hope it waits until 2008 – that’s when new episodes of Futurama will begin airing on Comedy Central! You read that right – the network has ordered 13 new episodes of the classic show, which will begin running year after next. The voice talent will be returning, including Billy West, Katy Sagal and John DiMaggio – it wouldn’t be Futurama without those three.

Maybe in a few days I will give in to the inevitable “but will these episodes be good, or will they be like that one where Bender is bit by the werecar,” but in the meantime I am just going to be completely and totally fucking psyched. I am not a big cartoon guy, but I love this show – hell, I barely even look at it as a cartoon. It’s just a work of pure genius with characters that you actually care about. Here’s my usual fight starter – Futurama is funnier than The Simpsons. And I’ll stack these two shows episode against episode, by the way, so save the mewling about how Futurama had less time to turn into dreck.

But let’s not fight. Let’s hold hands and sing and praise the TV gods that we’re getting 13 new Futuramas.