We’re still almost a year (gah!) away from seeing the results of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s experiment in gratuitous mayhem, but they’re already talking about building another Grind House.

Rodriguez recently bumped his gums about the flick, verifying that he and Tarantino are operating second camera on each other’s half of the double feature (RR’s zombie flick Project Terror, QT’s vehicular homicide movie Death Proof). But he was cagey when it came to discussing the fake trailers (one featuring beloved thug Danny Trejo) that will be sandwiched between the mini-features, aside from confirming one of my early suspicions: “There’s another one that’s huge. People are going to wish that one was the movie.

I was afraid that would happen, people wishing the trailers were for real films… but that craving may be sated. "If those trailers are great enough," Rodriguez said, "they might be part of the feature we do for the next Grind House." While we’re all hopeful their exploitation fest is entertaining and successful enough to justify a second, first let’s concentrate on getting Tarantino to concentrate.