Richard Linklater’s anticipated Philip K. Dick
adaptation A Scanner Darkly (Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr, Winona Ryder,
Woody Harrelson) is finally coming to theaters in all its Rotoscoped glory. I
hated the piss out of Waking Life’s coffeehouse ramblings
but the visual style used there (and now in credit card commercials) is nothing
short of beautiful. In a world of CGI and shoddy Flash animations, this is
oddly and wonderfully retro. Fire and Ice, anyone?

Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Nashville Chewers, we
have passes for you to see this sneaky little alleged masterpiece and all you
have to do is send me a SASE with a page from a book in it. That’s right, a
page from a book. I don’t care what book it is or where it is gotten from, I
want to staple these together for the most f’d up little novella I can find.
Grab 2 envelopes. On the outer one, address it to 4915 Camberbridge
Dr. Alpharetta GA 30022 and pop a stamp on it. On the inner one, put your
address as the recipient and plop a page from a book in there. It won’t be
Dick, but it might be dick. Don’t seal the inner envelope as so many do. Please
don’t seal it. With the inner one in the outer one, mail it to me. I’ll pop a
pass (and any others I might have lying around) into it and send it on its way
to you.

FYI, I still haven’t received the Nightmares and Dreamscapes passes but they’re coming. Also, be
prepared to Descend in an upcoming screening.