casCould 2006 see the releases of two truly great science fiction films? Trust me when I tell you that Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain is the first of them. Could the other be Danny Boyle’s Sunshine?

The basic concept is a touch Bruckheimer – the sun is going out and a space mission has been sent to drop a bomb into the star, relighting it. If this was in the hands of almost any other director I would be worried, but Boyle is guaranteed to highlight the character elements – and he has a cast who can play real characters. Plus, if the new footage that recently showed up online is any indication, he won’t be scrimping on the eye candy.

The film’s official blog site has a first look at some of the trailer footage, introduced by Boyle, who seems to believe the sun created the universe. What kind of religion is that, Danny? Anyway, you can see this footage in Quicktime right hereSunshine keeps getting higher and higher on my ‘must see’ list, and not just because I’m seeing a lot of the other films that were on that list.