casOne is black. One is white. Together they’re…. The Crusaders!

Terence Howard is teaming up with Topher Grace to tell the behind the scenes legal story of the 1954 Brown v Board of Ed case, which many racists still hate and pretend to oppose under cover of ‘state’s rights.’ You will remember that Brown v Board of Ed was the ruling that struck down segregation in public schools, and was one of the great landmark legal cases in the Civil Rights Movement.

In the film Topher will be playing Jack Greenberg, a recent law school grad, who teams up with Thurgood Marshall, the head of the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund, to be played by future Oscar winner Terence Howard. Together these unlikely allies, with only the help of a small child, a talking dinosaur and a sexy secret agent, will bring an end to racism as we know it!

West Wing executive producer Alex Graves is the new director on the film, replacing Brad Silberling. In a move that could be construed as containing irony, the previous script, written by West Wing scribes Paul Redford and Lawrence O’Donnell, is being scrapped in favor of a new one by John Romano.

The film is based on Greenberg’s memoir, Crusaders in the Court. For those of you who don’t live in the US or who live in the US and are stupid, Thurgood Marshall later went on to sit on the Supreme Court himself.