We continue to wait for a top-notch movie based on a videogame (and sadly, Silent Hill was certainly not it), but South American director Jorge Olguin doesn’t want to keep us in suspense. Until he keeps us in suspense, that is.

The red hot Chile pepper will direct a flick based on Capcom’s Clock Tower videogame series, which is being put together by Durden-esque production company The Mayhem Project. Olquin, who made the decent low-budget role-playing vampire flick Sangre eterna (aka Eternal Blood), got the job by campaigning for the post with animated storyboards and a trailer.

The story by horror go-to scribe Jake Wade Wall (who penned the remake of The Hitcher) is apparently based on the third game in the series, which involved a regular girl who discovers that her family has battled evil spirits for generations.  Todd Farmer (Jason X) worked on a previous script for the project.

The pants-filling original Clock Tower game required players to stop a psychopath called Scissorman who ignored parental suggestion and ran around with massive trimming instruments, causing the expected bloodshed.  I assume he’ll factor into the new movie, if only for the frights and nifty visual. If they manage to capture any of the game’s terror, I anticipate crapping myself. More than usual.