Considering Devin’s indefatigable adulation for all things Apatow (and Rogen), it feels odd writing about this, like I’m wearing his underwear or something. Oh, man… Now I have to go scrub my mind.

Okay, I’m back. So Owen Wilson is starring in a new high-concept comedy (not one of those really complex ones we always see never) called Drillbit Taylor, which I’m already almost willing to appreciate solely for the title. Wilson will play a bargain-basement mercenary (or so it initially seems) who gets hired by high school freshmen to deal with a bully problem.

The script for the Paramount movie comes from Kris (not Chris) Brown, Seth Rogen (so awesome in The 40 Year Old Virgin) and Judd Apatow, who’s producing, and Without a Paddle director Steven Brill may be pointing Wilson’s face in the right direction. The original idea came from 80s teen wrangler John Hughes, who has either had writer’s block or intense lack of interest since Curly Sue.