second Pirates of the Caribbean hits in just a few weeks (my prediction – #1 movie of the year and an opening weekend that could take down Cameron’s Aquaman), and that will be followed next year by the third film, which was shot more or less simultaneously. Will that be the final voyage of the Black Pearl? Possibly not, says Johnny Depp.

Talking to Newsweek, Depp says that he likes Captain Jack Sparrow so much he would do three more films even: "He’s a blast to play, I’ll be in a deep, dark depression saying goodbye to him. I’ll keep the costume and just prance around the house, entertain the kids. Maybe ‘Pirates 4, 5 and 6′. If they had a good script, why not? I mean, at a certain point, the madness must stop, but for the moment, I can’t say that he’s done".

That’s not just idle talk, kids. Someone close to has read the script for Pirates 3, and the shocking ending of that picture will send audiences out of the theater DEMANDING a part 4. Assuming that the ending that our spy read remains in the film, Pirates 3 will finish up on such a ballsy note that you can’t help but think that maybe not all franchise pictures are a bad idea.