vsdNow that Deadwood is coming to an end, Ian McShane will have to find new places to bring his pottymouth, and one of them will be the next SNL-related movie from Lorne Michaels. The film is Hot Rod, about a clumsy daredevil who tries to jump Snake River Canyon on his moped to impress his step-father. McShane will be the step-father.

The kid is being played by Andy Samberg, only known for the Lazy Sunday rap on SNL from last season. His comedy troupe, Lonely Island, will be involved in the movie, which reportedly came to them after many of Michaels’ first choices turned it down. I’m sort of shocked to see this kid getting a leading role already – wasn’t there a time when you had to prove yourself in some way before getting one of these insufferably unfunny movies? Well, I guess if some guys from a website can end up making a baseball movie, anything is possible!

Lonely Islander Akiva Schaffer is directing. Michaels will be executive producing/slavemastering.