Look, it’s clear that VS is a humble effort from the minds behind The FP, but I can guarantee that if this new film is half as fun as that insane flick, it will be well worth a chewer’s time. I’ve covered The FP a few time, and I’ve been keeping tabs on Jason and Brendan Trost since SXSW. Now while Brandon is busy lighting up mechanical equipment and demonic piss (he’s the DP of Ghost Rider 2), Jason is getting traction with his own indie writing/directing effort, VS. The film’s trailer clearly lays out a story that merges the death traps and figurehead villain elements of Saw with a Super-style take on real superheros. It stars writer/director Jason Trost and Lucas Till of X-Men: First Class (the guy who did a good job with the very underwritten Havok role). Also, James Remar is clearly having fun playing the central villain backed by a stable of costumed weirdos.

I’m happy to present a new, unseen poster I managed to scrounge up for the film right here:

And you can watch the quick recently released trailer here:

At the end of the month the film will debut at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which you can find out more about on the film’s Facebook page.

I’m excited to see the flick and report back to you at first opportunity. My favorite part of The FP was how effectively it built a world in which a bizarre little subculture seemed to exist as a hidden (trashy) part of our own world. I’m hoping VS is similarly effective, and has something interesting to say or do with the genre.

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