Alright, I guess I’m on the War Horse train now. Take a look at this trailer (via Empire)…

Yeah, definitely still tear-jerker crowd pleasing stuff, but it’s obvious just from these brief looks that Spielberg brought his visual A-game, and that when you have the resources to shoot a horse like he does, they’re pretty awesome cinematic creatures. I’ve mentioned over and over that the play is credited mostly for its uniquely theatrical spectacle, but its obvious the Beard has morphed that into uniquely cinematic spectacle. No idea if the script has held up, but the movie looks a treat. I’m ready to give it a shot now (as if I wasn’t before).


In other equine events…

Lest you think the announcement that Fox 2000 has picked up the rights to Mr. Ed are somehow the result of a War Horse causality, let me just knock that shit out right quick:

No writer or director is yet attached to the project, which is meant to be in the vein of blockbuster family franchise Alvin and the Chipmunks, also a Fox 2000 property.

So yeah, THR lets us know the show’s been optioned and Fox will make it. Not much else to say, and probably the last you’ll ever care to read about it. Go watch that War Horse trailer again.