While there’s always a steady stream of Dragon Tattoo material if you’re interested in following it, there are now a few newer big profile looks as the project starts making the rounds on magazine covers and such leading up to release. The latest is Empire, which boasts a cover feature, and also has a new still or two.

Even more interestingly though, is that Mouth Taped Shut (the production’s tumblr blog) has interrupted its steady stream of pretty pictures with a pretty video. The video is a nice three-minute walkthrough of the screen-printing process as the familiar teaser poster image is printed on a sheet of metal in the shape of a razor-blade. Naturally it’s shot in a moody, low-key style but you still get a good look at the process, from the positive image being burned via light-sensitive emulsion into the screen, to a large machine applying the ink, to laser-cutting. This is the same process (minus the laser metal cutting) that is used to do the larger run prints of your favorite screenprint movie posters from companies like Mondo. Take a look, and get the bonus of another couple of minutes of Trent Reznor’s moody digital score…

I like that whoever is in charge of the buzz-building for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has stepped up to the plate to run a campaign as classy and sophisticated as Fincher’s movies themselves. Mouth Taped Shut has proved to be a wonderful look at the production in a behind-the-scenes and purely promotional manner while being perfectly tuned to the way we keep up with these things nowadays. The tumblr/twitter approach with stylish pictures put out at a frequent pace has meant there’s always something new to look at if you’re following it, you’re not being spoiled but simply more and more keyed into the tone of the movie, and it’s also not so aggressive that we’ve grown tired of it months later as has been the case with other long-term marketing efforts that involve huge dramatic gestures every other week.

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(photos via Awards Daily)