He’s dealt with extraterrestrials on a few occasions, but Steven Spielberg has never really ventured off-planet. Now he’s got the intergalactic itch.

Spielberg is working on a movie at Paramount that will follow a group of space explorers who zoom through a wormhole and find themselves in another dimension (thereby faring better than Maximilian Schell). The filmmaker plans to extrapolate actual scientific theories (megabrained Caltech physicist Kip Thorne wrote the treatment), though it’s unknown if he’ll provide employment to any of the retired puppets from Farscape.

The project, which Spielberg ultimately hopes to direct, is still many chronal units away – he hasn’t picked his next film yet (he supposedly took a year off after Munich) but possibilities include his Abe Lincoln biopic and the continued threat of another Indiana Jones sequel. He’s kept himself occupied with producing projects like Transformers, Clint Eastwood’s WWII counterpart movies, and the upcoming reality show On the Lot.