is one film I am eagerly anticipating this year more than any other. One film that I believe will run the whole gamut of emotional responses from laughing to dry heaving: Jackass Number Two. Even the title is a wonderful feces reference.

The trailer for Jackass Number Two is here, showing us some moments that are sure to go down in history, including Steve-O having a lobster attack his tongue and Don Vito having a tooth pulled by being tied to the rear bumper of a car (and yes, the image with this article is in fact Steve-O having a leech attached to his eyeball). You can see the Jackass Number Two teaser at Yahoo movies by clicking here.

By the way, I’m totally serious. I think Jackass is sublimely great comedy, the pinnacle of verite. The first film was one of the few movies I saw multiple times in a theater, and I watch the mega-box set of the TV show often (some friends and I got together with Jackass DVDs and a bucket of grain alcohol-spiked punch just this past weekend). I’m just hoping Paramount screens this movie – it seems like the kind of film they wouldn’t bother showing to critics. I need to see Jackass Number Two!