Puerto Rican combustion goddess Roselyn Sanchez is taking the position of tight end in the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new football flick The Game Plan, which I’ve actually never heard of until now but has certainly caught the interest of my pants.

Rock isn’t straying too far from his football background, following up Gridiron Gang (co-starring Leon Rippy!) with this Disney comedy about a rowdy pro quarterback who suddenly gets dropped a 7-year-old daughter, a surprise from a deceased former lover. So that kinda sucks. But then what about that sizzling Latino, eh? Sanchez (one of the damn good reasons I own Chasing Papi on DVD) plays the young girl’s ballet teacher who falls in love with the big lug. I bet lessons get all learned and stuff!

Sure the whole thing seems uncomfortably similar to a Sandler vehicle, but I’ll always give Rock the benefit of the doubt. Though this project would sound much cooler if he was a Special Forces operative. And he was babysitting a duck. Still… Sanchez, whew! Dios mio!

The movie is apparently being directed by former Amanda Bynes wrangler Andy Fickman (She’s the Man), and shooting begins later this month here in my hometown of Boston (at the New England Patriots’ playing field Gillette Stadium, I assume).