I like Daniel Craig quite a bit (aces in Layer Cake, or at least superior to his Tomb Raider work) and I think he’s an intriguing choice to play suave superspy James Bond, but that’s where my excitement level for Casino Royale expires like a henchman filled with silenced PPK rounds. The past few exhaustingly crappy entries in the 007 franchise may have something to do with that.

Anyway, the new Bond movie looks like it’s kickstarting the character, but I can’t quite tell how — is it an origin story or a complete re-imagining, or simply ignoring any previous continuity, and how did Judi Dench’s M get retconned in there? At least the agent’s 21st mission (or 1st) looks like it’ll keep things a bit more grounded than the last bombastic flicks. Except maybe for that le parkour guy jumping all over the joint, that is.

This trailer has previously surfaced online in one format or language or another, but now it’s here in glorious Quicktime.