When new publisher Virgin Comics (a hilariously ironic company name, considering their target market) was first announced, it seemed like their initial focus would be material from India, with guys like author Deepak Chopra and filmmaker Shekar Kapur involved.

But even though the comic industry basically now exists just for high-profile corporate crossovers and providing properties to Hollywood (watch this site next week for a head-to-head between me and Thor’s Comic Column honcho Sean Fahey on that subject), sometimes you’ve gotta take notice. Like when Virgin Comics (yeah, it’s owned by that impossibly rich British guy) lures Garth Ennis, the writer responsible for one of the greatest comic stories ever told (you really do need to read Preacher), and John Woo, a true master of action filmmaking. And gets them on the same project.

I have no idea what their upcoming collaboration Seven Brothers will be about, but given Ennis’ obsession with war stories and Woo’s proclivities toward gratuitious mayhem, one has to expect a heaping dose of spent ammunition dealt by iconic characters. I’m sure we’ll find out more next month at Comic Con!