cas6/6/06 wasn’t just the day The Omen opened and plenty of people found excuses to have Satanic parties – it was also National Punch an Emo Kid day. I hope Zach Braff is OK – he’s like the posterboy for that group. I love him and his work, but boy does he have the sensitive hipster thing down.

And he’s not changing it up, from the looks of his next movie, The Last Kiss, which is written by Paul Haggis and based on a 2001 Italian film. There’s an exclusive look at the teaser on Zach Braff’s home page, which includes lots of pensive looks, emotional sitting around and a plaintive song on the soundtrack. Don’t get me wrong – I am looking forward to this film as I look forward to pretty much everything Braff does, but I do get the feeling that if you didn’t like Garden State, you’re not going to dig this one. Click here to see the teaser.

Braff’s site is new, by the way, and he’s got some interesting plans for it. He seems very aware of and engaged with his fanbase, which is refreshing. And will hopefully help me get one on ones with him when The Last Kiss comes out September 15!