csaWhen I met Eli Roth at the Slither premiere afterparty, he told me his plans for the sequel to Hostel: “This time I want to try to get some nudity and violence in there,” he said.

He’s expanded on that to MTV, explaining that Hostel 2 will be about three girls who get caught up in the nasty world of human hunting. But don’t worry – maimed and newly murderous Paxton will be back as well.

The idea to center on three girls came from Quentin Tarantino. “They’re studying in Italy for the summer, and they get lured, and they go back to … well, we’re going to go back to a lot of familiar places," Roth said. He also revealed that the human killing facilities have a lot in common with Starbucks – they’re evil and they’re a chain. "It’s all part of the organization; they’ve got the whole thing set up all over the place, and they have different scouts… We’re going to learn a lot more about how it all works. In ‘Hostel 2,’ you’re really going to see the ins and outs of the whole organization and how they get people and kill them." I hope he reveals franchising opportunities.

Hostel 2 will begin the instant after Hostel ended, and will follow the parallel stories of the girls and Paxton, who is now completely fucked in the head from his experience. The movie starts shooting in August for a 2007 release.

Here’s what I hope Roth does with Hostel 2, by the way: go completely over the top so that the eventual unrated DVD is really a stomach turning affair. I liked Hostel, and make no bones about it – in fact, I like it more as time goes by, as I have come to the conclusion that Roth has made a truly sly film about American xenophobia. But I was expecting something really grand guignol on the unrated DVD – don’t let me down, Eli!