The days of studios throwing mad sums of money at every comic that comes along may be fading away, but when you’ve got a hot property on your hands like our boys at Boom!, the moviemakers sit up and take notice. Then write a nice check.

Universal has wrapped their fingers around Boom!’s new book Talent, by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski and artist Paul Azaceta. The nifty premise focuses on the lone survivor of a plane crash, who discovers he has somehow absorbed the abilities of all the other passengers. The downside? He’s losing his own sense of identity. Oh, and a secret society wants to rub him out.

It’s more Memento than Lost says our own Sean Fahey, who gave the book a solid 4 out of 5 in a recent Thor’s Comic Column.
Boom!’s chief demolitionists Ross Richie and Andy Cosby (who’s also got an upcoming movie based on his Damn Nation comic and the impending Sci-Fi Channel series Eureka) are producing the flick with Marc Platt.