I don’t care how integral to the plot of the film it is, I Melt With You is a horrible title for a film about four male friends.

Unless it’s an unofficial sequel to Longtime Companion.

Actually it’s the latest from Mark (Arlington Road, The Mothman Prophecies) Pellington, a film that had its ass ripped asunder at this year’s Sundance festival. Sort of a mixture of The Hangover and Very Bad Things filtered through Pellington’s not inconsiderable lens, the Piven/Jane/Lowe/WhothehellisisMcKay vehicle has just unloaded a red band trailer before hitting screens and VOD via Magnolia Pictures.

It’s stylish as hell, seemingly a twisty jaunt, and I must admit that I like the combination of folks in the cast. Well, aside from Christian McKay, who I don’t know from Adam…

But yeah, the title is balls horrible.

Here’s the trailer for your perusal if you’re old enough to watch red band trailers or if you know how to click yourself old enough.