I recently had  a dispute online with someone who hated IMAX, a format that until then I thought was universally loved. I know there’s been controversy on the licensing of the brand onto smaller screens, but for the last few years there has been a distinct enthusiasm for the format that really is the last frontier for uniquely theatrical movie-viewing. The company has surely done well, and it seems with each release they set a new record for total revenue. But even if not quite everybody agrees, I think most film geeks love the occasional trip to the absurdly large screen.

In any event, there are definitely some big movies that have taken special advantage of the format and if you’d like to revisit one of them, or missed out in the first place, you can get a chance for the next week at an AMC. I just got an email from the company that led me to this

Three summers of IMAX represented in one week- which one would you go see? I know I don’t plan on missing a chance to see Inception in the best possible format… There’s only one short week to catch them though, and I’m not sure exactly how the titles are being distributed across the land. The best part of the deal? Tickets are only $7.

I’m surprised I didn’t hear about this up until now, and it may have just gotten lost in the shuffle, but if it’s new to me it might be new to you too. Maybe the Transformers 3D encore went very well, or maybe the companies saw a wide-open week and decided to pull a Lion King 3D and nab some of that quick well-timed re-release cash. With digital distribution getting more entrenched every day, I’d expect more of these kind of random returns to theaters from various big moneymakers.

Let us know if you plan on catching one of them, or if there’s a different title you’d like to see return to IMAX instead.


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