Right on the heels of one bland movie about a retired super criminal being forced back into the game for one last go, comes a trailer for Mark Wahlberg’s Contraband that fits the mold perfectly. I’ll say though, the trailer has a good energy to it that makes this look like a bigger-than-average affair.

I like the images of the sunken money, the falling shipping containers, the duct tape masks, and the other glimpses of interesting action. Wahlberg himself seems more at home in this part than usual, lacking some of that “ah come on, don’t you see how badass I am” tone and instead just owning it. Hard to tell if this thing is exceptionally dumb or plodding or poorly shot, but the trailer has done its job to sell a stylish crime movie that will inoffensively slip in at the beginning of next year, January 13th.

I certainly won’t be dreading this [wide release] english-language debut of award-winning Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur.

Let me know your impression…

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