I’m sorry, you cut people crying and affirming their dedication to each other over U2 and it’s hard not to go into cynic mode simply so you don’t drown in the sap.

The stage is set kind of weirdly for this one, as the novel on which this is base came under a lot of fire for supposedly being “exploitive” of 9/11 to tell a typically sanguine, quirky tale of self-discovery. I don’t know about all of that because I haven’t read the book, and frankly I’m always skeptical of any criticisms that rely on 9/11 being a sacrosanct topic, untouchable by art. One should be able to tell any story or joke they want about stuff like this, even if I’m not going to put a book so frequently described as “cloying” at the top of my reading list.

So here we have the trailer, which pretty much goes by the book for selling a touching family tale of weepy emotions and Hollywood-style allegory quests. That this was written by Eric (Forrest Gump, Ben Button) Roth which suggests this trailer probably isn’t a bait and switch.

There’s definitely a fine cast assembled for this one and together with the anniversary year, the topic, and the book sales this could end up being the populist weepy of the Christmas season. Spielberg better watch out. If it ends up capturing the public imagination like, say, The Help then it could be a big awards monkey wrench too.

(via Apple Trailers)

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