I’ll jump on any opportunity to mention my infatuation with Jessica Alba’s impossible posterior, and she’s been kind enough lately to present that very opening (while I can only offer photos of her doing such).

The heavenly slice has joined the indie comedy Bill, which already has a pretty terrific cast that includes Aaron Eckhart, Timothy Olyphant and Elizabeth Banks. The story from writer-directors Bernie Goldman and Melisa Wallack follows a guy who leaves his cheating wife and "finds" himself by mentoring an impetuous teen.

Alba replaces professional famous person Lindsay Lohan, who departed the film due to "scheduling conflicts", although the noise on the street is that she thinks she’s above working with first-time directors and will now only work with top names. Apparently Lohan is the only one who doesn’t realize that nobody will even care who she is in three years. If they can even recognize her.

Meanwhile, Alba is also preparing to slide her phenomenal form into some body-hugging unstable molecules for Fantastic Four 2.