Two cool things I ran across that I thought you might enjoy…

I may have missed this going around the web at some point before now, but I was just today catching up with a design blog and ran across these brilliant little sculptures from Mari Kasurinen that mash-up “My Little Pony” with icons from film and culture. What’s great is she has no fear in terms of what characters she shoves together, so while there are, naturally, some Star Wars and Superhero versions, there are as many creepy ponies that go somewhere darker. ┬áTake a look at a sample of my favorites from the 60+ she’s made below.

You can see the full collection at her website right here.

Second up is a piece of furniture that I can’t absolutely confirm was inspired by James Cameron’s 2nd Terminator film, but it sure as hell inspired me to think of the film immediately. Currently only existing as an exhibit in the London Design Festival, the piece is by Phillipp Aduatz and I think it would frighten most Terminator fans to even get near, much less sit in. Apparently it’s made of “glass fiber reinforced polymer with a special silver coating.”

I mean, can you imagine the T-1000 stabbing you, except upwards from a chair? Hell, the T-1000 score cue starts droning in my head just thinking about it.

Those are just a few cool items that I hope you dig.

(both via DesignMilk)

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