casReal headz know the deal: long before Terry O’Quinn was Lost on a desert island, he was marrying into seemingly perfect families, and when they didn’t measure up knocking them off and moving on. That was the concept behind his character in the classic 1987 horror film The Stepfather, which Screen Gems is now remaking.

With The Stepfather the remake trend has gotten into territory where I believe a random series of clicks through the IMDB leads studio execs to the next film. Why a remake of The Stepfather? Who was clamoring for this? And is the movie so dated it needs a redo?

On the plus side, maybe this will bring some new people to The Stepfather, a film that I feel has unfairly faded into obscurity. It’s not even available on DVD! So who knows, maybe we’ll see a sweet version of the original come out which we can enjoy at home while all the tweens head out for the PG13 remake.