casKevin Bacon is upping his tough-guy quotient in Death Wish Death Sentence, the new film from Saw’s James Wan. It’s based on the novel by Brian Garfield, about a man whose family is viciously attacked in a gang initiation ritual and who takes revenge. Garfield also wrote the novel Death Sentence Death Wish, about a man whose family is viciously attacked and who takes revenge.

In Death Wish Death Sentence Bacon’s character visits his revenge on each of the perps in the form of a death sentence. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I am guessing he hangs one guy, shoots one guy, lethally injects one guy, etc. I just hope he has a chance to hobble one guy Misery style and then say, “Now you’re footloose!”

This looks less like a labor of love for Bacon and more like an attempt to earn some bread so that he can keep making heart warming films about child molesters (The Woodsman) and mothers who are crazy and controlling of their sons (Loverboy, opening soon).