Pardon the easy headline, but ya know?

Wanted is not an action film that insulted my soul by any means, but I also don’t feel like I’ve thought about that film for a single moment since walking out of the theater. In a lot of ways Wanted felt like the tail-end of the post-Matrix action movies/comics that were still looking for ways to riff on bullet-time and the gravity-disregarding action, before other trends and techniques became popular to rip off. Regardless, the silly “bully curving” was enough of a visual gimmick that paired with a well-timed action lead from Jolie and a wise-man role for Freeman led to a very healthy box office return.

Over the years news has trickled out about a sequel, from the immediate studio hopes following the films theatrical run, to last years’s rash of speculation surrounding Angelina Jolie dropping out and Kristen Stewart courted as a possible addition.

Now it’s seems everything has gone back to the drawing board as screenwriter Derek Haas has confirmed that he and Michael Brandt have been tapped by Universal to put fingers to keyboards on a sequel screenplay. Tweets from the writer and a few comments to The Wrap confirm that the film will be “Fox-less and Loom-less”,  and that the film will pick up where the last one left off. Original director Bekambetov is mentioned as someone they’d love to work with, but no suggestion is given that he’ll actually return.

So who among us wanted a sequel? I’m interested to hear…

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