A close-up of a keyboard and a sandwhich sure aren’t going to tell us.

Recently Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich tweeted “Tomorrow is a big day that may determine the next four years of my life. Wish me luck.” I’m not sure what that meeting was about, or what project he pitched, but apparently that day went pretty well for ole Unk. At least, that’s what’s suggested by Unkrich’s new little side project of posting one picture per day on a Tumblr called “the road to the next one.”

Now, at the moment the blog consists of the above pictures that include a close-up of a Mac keyboard and a sandwich, but I have a feeling that will one day change. Will we eventually be seeing character animatics and render farms and the Pixar offices? Or will it be some completely different journey that the extremely successful animation director is embarking on? The title definitely suggests its another movie, but the currently announced Pixar films all have directors attachedРare we seeing the very seeds of the thought process behind a much farther out Pixar film? Could this somehow be related to Dinosaur or Brain-related films we know are coming? It could be some time before we find out.

That said, witnessing a project like that evolve through tiny glimpses over the long form could be a very cool experience and the sort of thing that I’ve put way too much thought into before.¬†Ultimately who knows what this could turn into or if it will even be kept up, but I know if the Mouth Taped Shut tumblr is anything to go by, it’s something you should keep an eye on from the ground floor. From that Girl With The Dragon Tattoo behind-the-scenes stream we’ve already gotten some really cool glimpses of the production (some of which I’ve included below).

Just a suggestion that you should add this to your RSS feed or follow Lee on Twitter. May end up being worth the accumulated 3 minutes you spend taking a look over the next couple of years…

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