The online film world often gets very excited about the latest film festival celebrating genre film or the weird independent flicks you don’t see much elsewhere. What doesn’t often get as much attention are the dozens of regional film festivals happening across the country celebrating and spotlighting foreign films and showing overseas flicks that might otherwise never screen in the States.

The KILL BILL star will be honored for his long (LONG) and storied career.

Singafest is one such festival happening in Los Angeles right now, and while new it already has some nice accolades under its belt, and more than a few cool events for fans of Asian film to attend. CHUD is happy to say our parents and partners at Bigfoot are also involved with the festival, alerting us to a very  special screening of Samurai Reincarnation, a Sonny Chiba 1981 Samurai classic directed by the man behind Battle Royal (not to mention literally dozens of other films), Kinji Fukasaku. There are still tickets available for this Sunday night, an evening which will include…

•Lifetime award to Legendary actor Sonny Chiba presented by Tony Todd (The Candyman in the House)

• Screening: classic ’80’s Samurai movie SAMURAI REINCARNATION (sci-fi Samurai)

• A live martial arts exhibition by Sonny Chiba (in the theater – stay in your seats!)

• An Afterparty 2 blocks away with DJ SHY sponsored by Sapporo Beer.

All of which you can get tickets for right here at the Singafest ticketing website (scroll down to the “SONNY CHIBA EVENT” listing).

Make sure you explore the website and keep up with the festival’s twitter, as it’s definitely a quickly growing festival…

• The festival was given the number one-spot on a list of the best new LA film festivals by

• Eli Roth is involved with his own special appreciation for Asian film, and you can see him frequently tweeting about his participation of the festival, which includes selecting an extremely rare film to play at the fest.

So take a look at the rest of the offered events and see what you can make before it wraps up on October 2nd.