Like all of the great character actors the more televisions shows and movies Michael K. Williams is in the better.  He’s been a great addition to everything he has been a part of.  Apparently Tarantino feels the same way as he’s writing Williams into his script for Django Unchained.  This is straight from the mouth of Williams himself during an interview he did with Capone over at Ain’t It Cool News. Follow the link over there for a  very interesting interview regarding Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, and Community*.  There are some spoilers, so tread carefully.

From Williams’ account the role of Django was down to Jamie Fox and himself and Fox won out, but Tarantino decided to write in a part for him.  What kind of character he will play and how big the role will be is not clear (whether Williams didn’t know or was just unable to say was a little hazy in the interview), all the same Williams seems certain that he will be a part of the film and will be going in front of cameras sometime at the beginning of next year.

*There is also some very creepy animation of King Kong pulling Harry’s shirt down that has scarred me for life, if you’re so inclined to see that.