csaBattlestar Galactica ended its second season on a stunning note: the ragtag fleet had found and colonized a planet they could live on, but the Cylons found them – and conquered them. The finale proved once again that Battlestar is a show that’s not afraid of changing up the status quo in favor of great storytelling.

But that cliffhanger left fans annoyed. We’re a surly and impatient lot, and we don’t want to wait until October – we want more Battlestar right away, dammit! And we’re getting our wish, sort of. Sci Fi Channel’s Pulse internet site will run a ten part webisode series called Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance, which will take place during the months that separate the second and third seasons. I don’t know at this point whether the webisodes will follow our main characters or introduce new folks, and I don’t know whether they’ll be included on the Season 2.5 DVDs, coming at the end of the summer. I would actually bet they’re included with the Season 3 set, in whatever form that takes.

It also turns out that a new writer has been added to the Galactica staff – Jane Espenson, who made her bones among genre fans by writing for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She worked with Galactica showrunner Ronald D Moore in the past on Deep Space Nine.

Meanwhile, other info has been filtering out of the Vancouver set in regards to season three. All that goes on beyond this is spoiler territory.

– Reports have Baltar joining the Cylons for real, as he did in the original series.
– Producers have indicated a character will die by the third episode. Initial rumors say that it’s Gaeta.
– Lucy Lawless’ Cylon character will have a crisis of faith and become a heretic
– In episode 5, Hero, an old incident from Admiral Adama’s past comes back to haunt him – he could have been responsible for the capture of a fellow pilot back in the days before the Cylon attacks.