So if Tabloid actually gets made as a film starring Mick Jagger as a shady international media mogul who corrupts a young journalist, what’s the over/under that they’ll use “Sympathy for the Devil” in the trailer?

Place your bets, because just such a script is being written by Josh Olson, best known for writing David Cronenberg’s History of Violence, based on a graphic novel. Despite the high regard many have for that extraordinarily unique film, Olson hasn’t gotten up to much since, save for a few comic book related animations. Recently he’s gotten a shot in the arm though, and he’ll be writing Tabloid having just finished the Tom Cruise vehicle One Shot.

Jagger has never bridged the rock-star/actor gap in a big way, but he starred in a few films in the early 70s and has popped up from time to time since. While he doesn’t have the accumulated batch of memorable turns like, say a David Bowie, he’s only 68 so why not start now?

Beyond the details above, little is known about the project. It’s not even clear if the media mogul in question is a surrogate for an actual figure, or if this is more of a Wall Street deal where you have a general archetype being represented. Regardless, do you think you could buy Jagger as a life-long businessman on the big screen?

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Source | Deadline