There are a lot of things I like about Jessica Alba (and by "like" I mean "furiously masturbate while fantasizing about"), and exactly none of them are her acting ability. Which is why the head-to-toe coverage of her transcendent chassis in Fantastic Four is so maddening. Such a waste. At least that unstable molecule outfit is curve-hugging, if not particularly revealing.

Anyway, Alba recently chatted about her hosting duties for MTV’s Superfluous Movie Awards and let slip some details about her impending return to invisibility: "We start Fantastic Four 2 in August. The four of us learn that there are other people out there with superpowers, and the Silver Surfer appears as a villain/hero. And another villain comes in as well. My character, Susan Storm, has another love triangle and may use a power people haven’t seen before. She’s the most powerful of the four."

So the Silver Surfer rumors have been verified, and we can safely assume the other villain is Galactus, but what about this love triangle? I’m not enough of a fan of the comic books to know if this is some new creation or someone pulled from the pages. Is it with the Surfer? Or could it be… her brother, Johnny Storm?!? Eww, that’s… strangely arousing.

Alba also discusses mojitos, nude beaches and her fondness for whipped cream (how could any guy not like this woman?) in the interview HERE. Fantastic Four 2 is being hurried to make a June 15, 2007 release, while I still hold hope that Alba soon gets around to making Honey 2: The Shakening.