Blocking Our Ads is Stealing.

Make no bones about it. By blocking ads on this site you are stealing from us. Just like when you hack your way into cable, download movies off the web, bootleg video games, use cracked versions of expensive software, and walk up to an ATM with a gun and accost the next patron.


Granted, it’s nowhere near as sexy as most of the others but the end result is the same. You’re preventing SOMEONE from getting paid for doing their job and creating a service. Worse yet, it’s a free service to you otherwise, unlike many of the others. I can understand blocking ads on a porn site due to all of the spyware and creepy shit that infiltrates but even then you’re getting for free what is intended to be purchased.

Society has become so lazy and unwilling to be inconvenienced that they’ll do anything to avoid having to close a pop-up window, endure an annoying advertisement, or any other non-content related bit of information to occur.

On one hand, I get it. We’re a short attention span culture… but when all a free site asks of you (aside from your patronage) is to let the ads load naturally, it takes a special type of imbecile not to comply. I honestly wish I could block those people from reading the site.

Lose the ad-blockers, people.

- Nick Nunziata clicked on the Happening ad.

Before I go, here’s the latest thing I’m adding to the blog. Each day I’ll have a song, a piece of artwork, a photo, a Mary Worth, or something to further justify your click and to give the trolls a little more ammo. Today, another perverted Art Jam between myself and real artist Andrea Rothe. Click the image for ENLARGE

Artwork by Nick Nunziata & Andrea Rothe.